Would TIME CENTRE Honor Their Warranty on KENKO Watch? (PART 3 of 3)
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Would TIME CENTRE Honor Their Warranty on KENKO Watch? (PART 3 of 3)

If you go to all the effort of keeping your receipts and packaging, and sending back defective merchandise, you may have a happy fairy tale ending to the story of your purchase.

CONTINUING FROM PART 2:  "28 October 2011

Dear Sir/Madam,

Last Friday I purchased the accompanying watch, very glad at the prospect of having the very useful calculator with me at all times.

However, it became evident that there was a weak spot in the body of this unit, making it unsuitable for wear. Where the watch is supposed to hold the pin for the strap, a small piece of the body of the unit appears to have had become dislodged, making this watch unable to be worn.

I would be very happy if you could replace or repair the unit. I'm including a copy of the purchase receipt.


..... "

I mailed it off and then, let be what will be.

The weeks went by. I'm not quite sure how many weeks because I didn't keep a log, but it was probably about a month.

And then, one day, there was a package for me. Disappointment struck me. It seems after waiting all this time, my parcel I sent Time Centre came back. What was the problem?

I opened the brown, fat stuffed envelope and took out the watch. My cover letter and the accompanying photocopy of the receipt was in there too. Nothing else. No letter from Time Centre. Why was it returned?

But, when all seemed lost, suddenly something occured to me. I had sent the watch back with the watch's hard plastic packaging cut open. This wasn't cut open.

IT'S A NEW ONE! It's still sealed. I cut it open and took the watch out. Yep, this one's strap is just fine. The watch can be worn on the wrist! Joy filled my heart, as my wrist was soon accessorized with a very buttony timepiece.

I studied the envelope carefully, and realised the reason I thought it's mine that was returned to me is because they sent it in exactly the same kind of envelope with the same black filt pen address writing and the same post office stickers on it, but it wasn't the same one I had sent.

I looked carefully inside for a letter from Time Centre. Nothing. It was just my own letter and proof of purchase, and the not-broken watch. Odd that there was no letter from them, but I soon didn't care. I had my watch, and this one has not had the same defect yet, even though I've worn it quite a few times by now.

So, in conclusion,Time Centre did honor their warranty on my Kenko watch, without a word. Literally.

And, perhaps I've learned that I shouldn't just throw defective merchandise in a drawer and forget about it. Because if I go to the effort of saving the receipt and packaging with it, and actually go through the whole riekmeraai of sending it back, then maybe I might actually have a happy ending to the story of my purchase.

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