Promote a Business with an Easter Coloring Contest
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Promote a Business with an Easter Coloring Contest

How businesses can use coloring contests to get free advertising and good public relations. How to get an Easter coloring contest page for a business. How to make your own coloring contest page for your business. How to improve my business's customer relations. How to draw shoppers into my store. Why do stores have coloring contests for kids?

If you run your own business, daycare, restaurant, grocery store, retail store, or any place children, and their parents may frequent, one great way to build customer relations and get some advertising is through having a coloring contest for children.  These can be held at any time of the year, but two very common times for such contests are Easter and Christmas.  For this article we will talk about how to make your own Easter Coloring Contest page. 

Note that by making your own you can include advertising for your business by including an image of your store, thus making it a better option than simply downloading an Easter Coloring page.

This is a computer project that requires some photo editing software such as Photoshop or Corel Paint.  I did not use any drawing tools, just my mouse.  You do not even have to have any skills or talents as an artist.  This took me just under half an hour.

Step One - Find a Picture of an Easter Symbol

For most people this is either a basket of eggs, a bunny, lambs in the field, or even daffodils.  The picture does not have to be an Easter image, you will turn it into that yourself.

Step Two - Outline your Image

Take the part of your image that you want to use and draw an outline around it, do not worry if your lines are perfect, you can change them later - I had used this image for a previous project which is why she is "holding paper".  I drew on a tail and hind leg to make a better image for kids to color.

Step Three - Remove Everything Else

By drawing white over the parts of the image you do not want to include you "erase" them, leaving the image you do want.  I ended up changing the line for her hind leg and later slimmed down her tummy as you will see in the next image.

Step Four - Add Other Features

I added an egg, Ribbon, and most importantly the business!  This is where you can really capitalize by having coloring contests for kids.  Always include an image of your business as well as its name in the drawing itself.

Many parent's take 2-3 coloring contest pages for their kids to color, only one will be returned to you, the others may be put on their fridge, serving as almost-free advertising.  This is something you cannot underestimate.  For the price of a sheet of paper you have generated lots of free advertising, made customers happy, and shown community spirit.

Step Five - Other Matters

You must include a place for the child to include their name, age, and phone number, this should never be on the front of the picture when it is posted in your store.  You should have it on the end of the paper which can be folded underneath.  As such the child's privacy is protected.  Hiding the names also makes it more fair for judging which might even just be by drawing names out of a hat.

You can have as many prizes as you like, being sure to include a business card with them.  Some businesses opt just to give out free coloring sheets and not make a contest out of it, allowing the person to let their child color it and post on their fridge.

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Great article!

A very nice and unique idea to promote a business.Thanks.

There are actually many ways to promote your business. One of the best ways to promote a business is by putting it online because we are all now in the era of technologies and artificial intelligence. Thank you for writing this article, I really learned a lot from you. Keep it up! Voted and shared.